Friday, July 5, 2013

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''Fight for green space''

Yes, the paucity of park space in Bangkok is lamentable, but it's not only a problem in Thailand's biggest city. Chiang Mai, for example, doesn't have a park.

Similarly, all mid-sized cities in Thailand which I've visited have little bits of green space with a few trees, but none have real parks.

Even if a park is designated here, it is essentially installed with obligatory cement shrines, platforms and walls throughout. How about some large parks dominated by grass and trees, with a few walking/jogging paths curving through?

One example: In Chiang Rai (my adopted town), there's a soaring limestone hill alongside the river. It has caves and is 2.5km in circumference _ an ideal spot for a park. All it needs is some sort of official ''park'' designation and some TLC, but local officials aren't concerned.

They seem to only think of it in terms of revenue, if they think of it at all. So once a year, a few Songkran bamboo and thatch shacks are set up and rented out, and piles of garbage are left behind. With a small investment in constructing a trail, hundreds of folks could jog and bicycle there each week, and enjoy nature.

Thailand doesn't need more concrete and metal shrines, but instead could benefit from nurturing and showcasing its natural bounty.

hass associates article code 34912726002,Open minds to open space

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